Pisces constellation


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Pisces Constellation lies in the northern hemisphere, between Aquarius to the west and Aries to the east. It is another one of the zodiac constellations; its brightest star is Eta Piscium. Pisces, being a symbol of mysticism, mystery and creativity, are very frequently featured in ancient legends and myths. 

Pisces is a sign of mysticism, mystery and spiritual unknown. Moreover Pisces are extremely highly creative, able to solve problems unconventionally and originally. Their ingeniousness allows to achieve the pursued objectives, giving them a sense of independence. Pisces are also extremely loyal friends. Their sensitivity and unique personality inspire others to action, so Pisces are very valued team workers. 

The unique creativity of Pisces was also immortalized in the Greek mythology. As the legend say, when a fire breathing monster, Typhon, was about to devour Aphrodite and her son Eros, they turned into fish and jumped into the Euphrates River to make a great escape. Mother and son tied themselves together with a cord to make sure they would not lose one another and thus avoided death. 

The fish theme is also featured in other old cultures. The most famous legend, frequently quoted in children’s books, tells a story of Antenteh and his wife. As the old German legend say, the poor couple lived in a cabin by the sea. One day Antenteh caught a fish. But instead of taking it home, he let it go back to the sea. The astonished fish suddenly started to speak in a human voice, promising the fisherman to fulfill his wishes in return for the release.