Leo constellation


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It is one of the largest constellations in the sky. The brightest star in Leo is Regulus, which means “A Little King”. The Constellation was first mentioned as early as 4000 years BC. Leo personalities are the life and soul of every party; people naturally gravitate and surround a Leo, who with his magnetic personality and zest for life infect others with optimism. 

Leos are independent, full of energy and warm spirit. They need to be surrounded by people who admire and appreciate them. Sociable Leos are though extremely sensitive. They do not like to be unhappy, so they take matters into their own hands and make things right again. They are also very generous, kind and open-hearted people. It can be said that Leos have a great heart. Ancient Greeks believed that six bright stars of the Constellation, forming the shape of a sickle, in fact represent the lion’s head and the brightest star, Regulus, marks its heart. 

Over 4000 years BC Leo Constellation was recognized by practically every civilization of that time. Persians called Leo “Ser” or “Shir”, Turks “Artan”, Syrians “Aryo”, Jews “Arye”. The Hellenic culture associated Leo with a mythical Nemean Lion, a beast living near Corinth, killed by Heracles. 

Leo Constellation has always been one of the most commonly known constellations because of its size, which makes it stand out on the night sky. It is quite easy to spot, located between Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east. One of its most prominent features is the presence of double and binary stars.