Capricornus constellation


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Capricorn is the smallest zodiac constellation. It is located in the southern sky, in a part of the sky called the sea or the water. Maybe it was the reason why ancient Sumerians knew Capricorn as a half-goat, half-fish. The brightest star in the Constellation is Deneb Algedi.

Capricorn is the longest of the zodiac signs. Capricorn personalities are very independent, they tend to do things on their own and ambitiously pursue their goals. Capricorns are extremely patient, able to wait for a long time for the things they want. They always strive for the best, hate passivity and boredom. Capricorn personalities are active and uncompromising in manifesting their beliefs and opinions. Ancient Greeks associated the constellation with the forest deity Pan, who continuously fought battles with Typhon. 

Typhon, with a hundred dragon heads erupting from his neck and shoulders, was the most deadly and fearsome monster of Greek mythology. In other version of the myth, Typhon was partly human and partly animal, his human upper half reaching as high as the stars, and his hands reaching east and west. Pan was placed in the sky by Zeus in a gratitude for his coming to the other gods’ rescue on several occasions. In the myth Pan eluded the monster by jumping in to the Nile River, which turned the lower part of his body into a fish. Zeus eventually killed Typhon with his Thunderbolts.