We encourage you to read the most frequently asked questions by users. You will find here many key answers as well as information on how Kingdom of Universe works. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

What is Kingdom of Universe?

Kingdom Of Universe is a global innovatory project. Its allows to buy pieces of the Universe: stars, galaxies, constellations, nebulas and many other celestial bodies from beyond our Solar System. The creator of Kingdom of Universe, a “cosmic” webshop, is Mariusz Białek, a Pole normally living in Norway who, in 2013, upon an order of the Supreme Court in Oslo, received the ownership title to all celestial bodies in the Universe, known and unknown to the men, except for celestial bodies within our Solar System. Pieces of the Universe owned by Mariusz Białek you can already purchase. The sale of celestial objects, as the ownership title to the object, is lawful and legally valid. All the sold objects are genuine and real celestial bodies.  

What is the legal basis of operation of Kingdom of Universe? Is this real?

The Universe used to belong to nobody. Everything changed on 4th September 2013, when the Norwegian Court approved Mariusz Białek’s application for the ownership title to the Universe except for celestial bodies from within our Solar System, making him the first in history, legal owner of all celestial bodies, known and unknown to the men, as well as dark energy and dark matter existing beyond our Solar System. It was possible to happen under appropriation procedure, based on an old Roman Law stating that a person, who first appropriated an object, became its owner. 

Two treaties provide legal basis regulating the property rights to celestial bodies in the Universe: the International Space Treaty of 1967 and the Moon Treaty of 1984.

The International Space Treaty says that no country can claim rights to the Universe, but does not say anything about individuals and private entrepreneurs.  

The Moon Treaty, developed 17 years later, attempted to rectify this fault. The attempt to ratify it ended however with a failure because, from almost 200 members of the United Nations, only 6 states ratified the said Treaty. It should be mentioned that the group of signatories included none of the superpowers leading in the development of space exploration technologies. The fiasco of the Moon Treaty has revealed, to some extent, that certain rights are treated very selectively.  

There are many examples of appropriation of territories having no former legal owner in the history of the human race. But mostly they are a far cry from the definition of appropriation of “no-man’s-land”. Most of the territories were bloodily conquered because they already belonged to somebody else. It should be emphasized that Mariusz Białek appropriated the Universe peacefully because violence is not the only one method of winning and acquiring! Doing so he has, in a sense, become the only man in the history of the human race who acquired so much, harming nobody and shedding not even a drop of blood!

Is the sale of stars by Kingdom of Universe legal?

Yes, the sale of celestial bodies carried out by Kingdom of Universe is entirely legal. Kingdom of Universe is the only one company in the world having legal rights to sell pieces of the Universe from beyond our Solar System. A person who purchases a celestial body acquires the property title to the body (e.g. star, planet etc.) and becomes its legal owner. 

The legality of enterprise run by Kingdom of Universe is further proved by an ongoing (already for 30 years), legally valid sale of parcels on the Moon and other celestial bodies from within our Solar System by Lunar Embassy. The originator of this lunar business deserves to be complemented for creativity!

What documents will I receive upon purchase?

When the purchase is made every buyer receives documents confirming property title to the star – Deed of Ownership, Certificate of Ownership and Code of the Universe. The documents are also sent by e-mail.

Why did Mariusz Białek appropriate the entire Universe except for our Solar System?

As many of you know, the Solar System already has an owner, an American Denis Hope, who appropriated the Solar System and in 1980 established the Lunar Embassy to parcel and sell Moon acres.
Humankind is continuously reaching out and goes far beyond the limits of its capabilities, so until we grasp the mystery of the Universe (which might never happen), our Solar System is some kind of a test site, a cosmic laboratory. Therefore, Kingdom of Universe does not want to prevent humankind in any way from getting to know and understanding the essence of the Universe. 

Why do I pay so little for such a lot?

From our earthy perspective it seems unthinkable to buy a star or entire galaxy for several dozen or a few hundred of dollars. Kingdom of Universe believes that everyone can become the owner of a piece of the Universe. We want every man on the Earth to be able to feel happy and raise above what we have created for ourselves here, on the Earth. So do not hesitate! 

How can I be sure that a celestial body I’ve bought from Kingdom of Universe truly exists?

Kingdom of Universe draws on scientific data accepted as facts. It employs educated professionals, having the right knowledge and experience. If we have any doubts about the existence of a body, we exclude it from the sale. 

But we are still new to space knowledge and the essence of the Universe still remains a mystery. Because of enormous distances and velocities in the Universe and the nature of time, you can in fact purchase an object which no longer exists. The rule however works both ways and you may be purchasing something which does not exist yet. But such is the nature of the entire Universe.  

Isn’t Kingdom of Universe about the desire for profit only?

For many of you it may seem so. In no case however it is true. The idea of the originator of Kingdom of Universe is to change the world for a better place and the income from sale of pieces of the Universe is used to serve higher purposes of ensuring balanced and ethical handling of our planet. It does not matter how much you have, but what you do with what you have. Money has never been an object by itself for Mariusz Białek. 

How can we be sure that the Universe does not already belong to somebody else?

A good question! Definitely nobody else on the Earth has owned it before Mariusz Białek. But what if it belongs to some extra-terrestrial creatures? We cannot know that. Furthermore, we could ask if our planet, pieces of which we constantly quarrel about, does not already belong to somebody else.  

Maybe in the far future it will turn out that the Universe belongs to a “creator”, an alien civilization which, in some incomprehensible way, rules it all! If so, when such a creature visits the Earth, it will have to prove its rights to Mariusz Białek. However you don’t have to worry until that happens, Pieces of the Universe which you purchase come from their only one legal owner, Mariusz Białek, the founder of Kingdom of Universe!

Can somebody else inherit my Piece of the Universe?

Certainly! You can bequeath the owned celestial body to anybody you want.  

The purchase of celestial body is an investment for future generations. We do not know what the future will bring. Who knows, considering the present development of knowledge and technology, maybe in several hundred or several dozen of years, humankind will be able to travel throughout the entire Universe? Buying a piece of the Universe may turn out to be as good an investment as purchasing a plot of land on a desert several hundred years ago.  

So even if today the purchase of a planet may seem like investment to be only enjoyed by yourself or a person you love, tomorrow it may turn out to be the most spot-on investment in your entire life.  

How can I be sure that you will not sell my Piece of the Universe for a second time?

If we wanted to cheat, we could probably do so. But it is not what it’s all about. First of all the Universe is enormously huge, so there is no need for us to cheat, there are enough pieces of the Universe for every men living on the Earth and even if everybody buys one, there still will be more left than we can imagine. In Kingdom of Universe every celestial object is sold only once and you can rest assured that you are the sole owner.

Can I name a start I’ve bought?

Yes. You can give the star any name you want, e.g. name it after somebody you want to give it to. Naming the star is symbolic; your name will be specified on the Certificate of Ownership only and will have no effect on the official name of the star. Please refer to question 13 and article 6 of the Code of the Universe.  

I have used the services of another “space” company, named a star and my name has been entered into an international register. How does what Kingdom of Universe do, differ from that?

Exactly, you’ve paid for naming a star, you have not bought the star, you have only paid for placing the name of your star in the international register. You should however know that there are many crooks operating in this line of business and, despite assurances, your name might have not been entered into the international register at all. The only organization which can legally do so is the International Astronomical Union! 

You can name a star bought from Kingdom of Universe. Your own name will have a symbolic meaning and will only appear on the Certificate (please refer to question 12 and article 6 of the Code of the Universe). It is for you only, like naming your own car. How many of us name our cars? 

What if in the future somebody else lands on the planet I’ve bought from Kingdom of Universe?

If it is one of the known, terrestrial superpowers, let’s remember that under the International Space Treaty of 1967 no country can claim rights to your planet. If a newcomer lands on your planet in order to expand our knowledge about the Universe and about ourselves, for the good of the entire human race, you should show hospitality to the stranger because it is one of the fundamental principles of the Code of the Universe to which you agree by buying a Piece of the Universe.    

If it is a private expedition without peaceful intentions, Kingdom of Universe would undertake all measures to ensure safety and stability to the planet’s owner. However it will never apply forced solutions! One of the leading missions of Kingdom of Universe is to avoid violence and promote conduct which brings no harm to innocent beings. Please remember that the human race will probably not survive if it does not renounce war. If the guests on your planet are highly developed extra-terrestrial civilizations, they will undoubtedly have no idea what violence is, as otherwise they would be extinguished by then. Remember not to surround yourself by a high wall as you may feel lonely in your new world! 

What are your plans for the future, Kingdom of Universe?

To make world a better place! It underpins all our actions. We want to show the world that we can live better, that the way we think is not always the right one! Wait for the future – enriched by the ideas of the originator of Kingdom of Universe, it may be much better that many of you seem to expect!