Are you looking for original idea for a gift? Have you ever dreamt about space conquest? You can do this now! Kingdom of Universe is a revolutionary project allowing anyone to buy celestial objects existing beyond the Solar System. 

The creator of Kingdom of Universe, a “cosmic” webshop, is Mariusz Białek, a Pole normally living in Norway who, in 2013, upon an order of the Supreme Court in Oslo, received the ownership title to all celestial bodies in the Universe, known and unknown to the men, except for celestial bodies within our Solar System. 

It’s possible

Will I get any document of confirmation?

Yes, our clients get documents: Deed of Ownership of the Part of the Universe, Code of the Universe and Certificate of Ownership

Check our documents below.

Kingdom of Universe

Here you can download our sample documents

You will not make it on time? Download property documents in electronic form!

Tomorrow is your friend’s birthday? If you still do not have a present, do not worry! Buy a star or planet and we will send you documents by e-mail as soon as you make the payment. Documents in printed form will also be sent.

Below you can download sample ownership documents that you will receive after making a purchase in our store.