Kingdom of Universe

Want to buy a Star? You can do this now!

Are you looking for original idea for a gift? Have you ever dreamt about space conquest? You can do this now! A new webshop has just been launched under the name of Kingdom of Universe; a revolutionary project allowing anyone to buy celestial objects existing beyond the Solar System. See how to become an owner of the piece of the sky!

Kingdom of Universe is a global innovatory project. It allows its customers to buy pieces of the Universe: stars, galaxies, constellations, nebulas from beyond our Solar System. You can now come into possession of the most famous celestial bodies like the North Star, the Constellation of Virgo or the Southern Cross. Who wouldn’t want to own the constellation of his own sign of the zodiac?

The Universe has never been so close!

On http://kingdomofuniverse.com/shop/ website one can buy a single star, the whole galaxy and even dark matter or dark energy! Every buyer receives a Certificate and Deed of Ownership to confirm the purchase, specifying the owned object and the Code of the Universe. Everyone can now become an owner of the piece of the sky. Prices of the smallest fragments of the Universe start from just $29,99!


How come?

The creator of the “cosmic” webshop is Mariusz Białek – a Pole normally living in Norway who, on 6 June 2013 and then on 4 September 2013, upon an order of the Norwegian court, received the ownership title to dark matter, dark energy and all celestial bodies in the Universe, known and unknown to the men, except for celestial bodies within our Solar System. Fragments of the universe owned by Mariusz Białek can already be purchased at http://kingdomofuniverse.com/shop/. The sale of celestial objects as well as the ownership title to the object is lawful and legally valid.

Why are stars worth buying?

In this day and age when people seem to have everything, it is a sign of prestige and an exceptional opportunity to make the dreams come true. You can make your friend smile when he receives a piece of dark matter. You will be kissed by your loved one when she receives a constellation of stars instead of a diamond ring. It is a new and original way of expressing feelings, which will certainly stay engraved in the memory of the gift given person – says Mariusz Białek, the founder of Kingdom of Universe.

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